Spring Planting

A post from back in March that I never posted, probably because I had no photo handy. And then I forgot. Now we’re eating the peas. Good thing our four-year-old neighbor has his own, or he’d be eating ours too!

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, so of course we followed that rule of thumb and got some peas in the ground.

But not that even something seemingly this simple can be free of a bit of drama: We gave up on the green plastic trellis-netting we bought in France two years ago that seemed impossible not to tangle and bought some made of nylon string netting. But this one never seemed to lay flat properly, as if somehow a link got missed. The Brit tried this way and that, but it  always puckered up toward one end. In the end, we decided we’d live with it–we still had room enough for two trellises that together will support four rows of peas.

Then it was down to the basement to start some seeds under the light. I know I vowed to only have one bed of tomato plants this year, so maybe eight plants, (plus a storage container, earth-box style). But when I started sorting out the tomato seeds, there were so many varieties and it was just too hard to narrow down the list. So I’ve got 12 varieties in pots, and two or three seeds per pot. Ramapo, Lynn’s beefsteak, black cherry, brandywine, ground cherry, those orange golf balls… If they all germinate, I will need to find good homes for so many plants! And I’ll still have to pass on a few varieties, or settle for one of each and maybe claim a bigger bed. Of course, I need to keep straight which is which. We’ve used permanent ink on popsicle sticks for each pot … but now the plastic lid over won’t fit!


One thought on “Spring Planting

  1. Had a disappointing pea harvest this year. I blame the weather – sometimes it was 90, then 50, then 70, then 50, then 90. I don’t even want to think about how many tomato plants I have going!

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