First Tomato!

It wasn’t from our garden, but it still counts.

Our 4 1/2-year-old next-door-neighbor excitedly pointed to the cherry tomatoes in his family’s garden. Kind of strange, since he doesn’t like tomatoes, but he does like his garden and he’d just gotten his dad to dig up a few carrots, so he was pretty excited. It didn’t take much pleading to get him to let me have one. Mmmmm…… Flavor. So much better than the hard piece of tomato that I just ate (purchased from the store yesterday).

They bought their plants from the farm down the road, and it was always clear that they would have tomatoes first. But ours (mostly started from seed in the basement) are catching up, with flowers and even some green tomatoes. We have two that we transplanted over Memorial Day weekend into our DIY Earth Boxes (see for directions). The black cherry tomato plant is already taller than we are, and the Ramapo isn’t far behind. So far, no critters have invaded the front porch for a taste.

What we do have is a glut of salad greens. The Brit started so many from seed under the lights, and I fear some are still there. (At least it’s easy to get some for a sandwich). He is using garlic scapes plus some arugula that bolted to make a pesto for tonight’s pasta. But I think we have a solid month of Thai green lettuce (seeds courtesy of my sister-in-law) already ready to harvest. That’s before the mustard greens and other Asian greens growing happily in the beds. Offer your best salad ideas because this is the summer I’m going to have to learn to love it!

Finally, some shots of the garden, courtesy of a friend who stopped by on yesterday’s garden tour:

The lavender practically blocks the front path, but the bees pay no attention when someone squeezes by.

One of the many butterflies in the yard.

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