Can’t Wait for My Tomatoes

Ramapo tomatoes on the vine
Ramapo tomatoes on the vine

I may have to grow Early Girl or Early Boy tomatoes next year because I am getting impatient for garden tomatoes.

Yes, I’ve had a couple from the neighbors’ raised bed that only made me want more, and we have a couple of orange cherry tomatoes that are just about ripe, but we really need a lot to pair with our glut of salad greens. So I broke down and went to our farmers’ market. Only one stand had them — and two tomatoes cost me $2!! (It really was $2 and change, but the employee cut me a break when I expressed shock.) I have no idea if these are organic and that’s why they are more than $4 a pound, or just because it’s a few weeks til tomato season really hits; the stand had no sign or price for all to see (one of my complaints about my local market).

How was the taste? Just OK. Not really mealy like the tomatoes I bought at the store the other week, but certainly not that wonderful juice-dripping, sun-kissed taste of August. To be honest, there wasn’t much (time to add salt).

So I went and picked one of the orange cherry tomatoes. Sweeter. Hands down, it won the taste test.

My $1 apiece tomatoes
My $1 apiece tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
That front tomato is now gone

2 thoughts on “Can’t Wait for My Tomatoes

  1. Have the deer stayed away? I lost some tomato tops to the hailstorm we had, so some of my plants need to regrow… But I’ll have a few in about three weeks. I understand your impatience!

    1. You have to see the ones we are growing in containers (home-made earth boxes) — to the top of the porch! A post for another day.

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