End of July Status

The Ramapo tomato plant we’ve been growing in a container had been doing incredibly well and had burst outside the tomato cage and was touching the roof of the porch. And then it wasn’t.

We think the weight of the tomatoes pulled it down. It doesn’t look like a stalk has snapped, so we are hoping all the tomatoes will turn red nicely. But the lesson for next year is to plant cherry-sized tomatoes. We also want to go with an early variety in the hope of having fruit in early (or even mid) July.

But yes, we’re starting to harvest more, and we’re also replanting some of our squares (we’re square-foot gardeners, remember?): Lettuce we’d started under the lights, plus the last of the spinach seeds, some arugula and parsnip seeds. We’ll see what takes.

We’ve been slow in harvesting chard, but we finally did a bit today. Plus we also got some salad greens and tomatoes. That all contributed to a good dinner, and lime basil added some zing!

Swiss chard

tomatoes, salad greens, basil


One thought on “End of July Status

  1. I’m with you on the earlier varieties of tomatoes. With the weird spring we had I’m just now finally getting some decent tomatoes. Have a kale glut here in Chicago.

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