After Irene

We woke up this morning thinking we’d come through Hurricane Irene pretty well. Aside from a flicker, we hadn’t lost power, and there wasn’t much water in the basement.

Then we went outside.

The rain and swollen river behind our house had brought down a couple of trees, and another big branch crashed down as we examined the damage. The river was a zillion times wider than normal, and water was well onto our property line, though still far (and downhill) from the house. The compost bins took a direct hit from water and trees:


Another downed tree:

Our flooded main road:

And Grovers Mill Pond can’t contain itself:

But the biggest loss for us may be to our wood pile! Pieces are floating down the Millstone River, and we hope to recover most of them when the river recedes. Not that there will be a shortage of wood from other sources after Irene.

And then we did lose power — for seven hours. We’re grateful it came back on so quickly and we aren’t waiting five to seven days like other people may have to.


2 thoughts on “After Irene

    1. Well, you need some dampness for compost. (I think we sometimes haven’t had wet enough leaves). But you don’t want them matting together, so we’ve gotten better at shredding them with a lawnmower or the mulch/bag attachment on those leaf vacuums. Guess we’ll find out.

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