Snow in October

snow-covered zinniasIt’s falling fat flakes as I look out the window, sticking to ground wet from the rain earlier this morning and covering the last of our hot pink zinnias.

Quite depressing.

This is when we are supposed to have our first frost (and there was frost on the windshield yesterday, though not enough to kill the last flowers). But snow this early? I have visions of a Laura Ingalls Wilder-style Long Winter.

I was braced for it and spent several hours yesterday cleaning out the vegetable garden, digging out the last of the Yukon Gold potatoes, picking the tiny but hot peppers from our pyramid peppers, cutting the overgrown mustard greens and harvesting the chard. But seeing it is quite something else.

I also took a few shots of our final blooms. The pineapple sage was a late blast of color but nowhere as exuberant as the only other time we grew this annual. There were still some dianthus, and of course the zinnias.

sweet william flowers

And a few photos from September:

clematis spilling over the deck



One thought on “Snow in October

  1. Hate to say it, but we had the perfect weekend. Two days of sunshine. Painted, swept and got mentally ready for the kitchen countertop on Monday. I almost think we’re winning.

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