Another Unseasonably Warm January Day

It’s 43 degrees right now and wonderful blue sky, though on the windy side. Yesterday it hit 63 degrees mid-morning before cooling down. I am betting that this will be our 12th consecutive month of above-average temperatures.

"Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate," from another blog

What does that mean for the garden? Well, I was supposed to be cleaning up a bit, and then I stumbled across a brown bag of seeds I bought at a farmers’ market in Indiana last fall. These are for an heirloom annual called “Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate.” Didn’t have much of an idea what they were beyond  the photo from the farmer, but I figured it was worth the two bucks or so. (Plus I like to support farmers’ markets.) Not that I have a fence or anything. The message on the bag said plant immediately or no later than April 1. Apparently they like a zap of cold to germinate.

I’ve googled them a few times, and I did it again today. The story is that Thomas Jefferson planed these at Monticello and introduced them to the U.S. As for the name, well, that’s less clear. These love sun and can get really tall .. they’d make a great screen if I didn’t want to see my neighbors! They also can self-seed, though I didn’t come across big complaints about invasiveness. Hopefully they are like rose campions and black-eyed Susans … they spread, but you like the way they spread.

At any rate, I went out this morning and planted some, mostly toward the back of the yard. I don’t know that I need a plant six or nine feet tall, so I figure a bit of shade (or more) can’t hurt. I’m also thinking a whiff of the scent could be nice while lying in the hammock (I better get some hammock time this summer!) And I still have tons of seeds, so yes, if you want some, leave a message.


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