First Daffodils!

first daffodil of 2012I glanced out the kitchen window yesterday and spotted a blob of yellow–our first daffodil of 2012! Given how open the trumpet was at 8 a.m., I figure it had bloomed a day earlier and another one looked ready to bloom Friday. Another result of our unseasonably warm winter. Actually, a lot of our early daffodils look like they could be blooming within a week or so.

Unfortunately, this warm winter also means that weeds are already coming up, especially this one that was all over last year. They come with little white flowers that turn into seeds that spread everywhere. Time to do some weeding by hand today and go find some corn-gluten pre-emergent to (hopefully) battle those that haven’t yet taken off. Corn gluten is an organic weed preventer that should be applied when the forsythia bloom, which can’t be far away. It prevents all seeds from germinating so don’t use it where you’ve just put down grass, flower or vegetable seeds! You’re supposed to water it in well, something I need to do! (Unfortunately, you can’t let rain do that for you)

evil weed


One thought on “First Daffodils!

  1. Winter was late coming to Paris, and its being slow to leave.Many grey skies and cool, if not cold days. Jonquils and crocuses are showing themselves in the parks along with early flowering trees. You are blue-sky lucky and we are green with envy.

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