Popsicle Radishes

The Brit decided to make a mint (from the garden) and pea (not) risotto for dinner, with greens from the garden on the side, and decided I should help with the harvest.

And what a harvest! I hadn’t paid much attention to many of the beds recently, and we’ve had quite a bit of rain recently. So when we peered over the chicken wire, we could see the tops of some Easter Egg radishes popping through the soil. We quickly picked the fattest of those, hoping the remaining ones will take the opportunity to spread out.

Melange of “Easter Egg” and “icicle” radishes

Across the bed, I spotted some oblong white ones through the leaves. When I parted the foliage, I could see these white “icicle” radishes had pushed themselves halfway above the soil. They looked more like popsicles (a word the Brit learned only last weekend, thanks to the neighbors — they’re ice lollies in Brit-speak) than icicles. So we harvested most of those. I don’t remember having had quite this size of crop in the past. Definitely super-easy to grow as long as your soil is crumbly.

Popsicles, I mean icicles.

The question was then what to do with the greens. Were they edible? A quick Google search turned up this recipe for radish leaf pesto, and into the food processor everything went. We ended up with a vivid green spread. That will be set aside for something tomorrow — grilled chicken, perhaps? or slathered on top of a slice of roasted eggplant?


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