Today’s Harvest: Black Raspberries

Our raspberry bushes are really bearing fruit this year! And the caging the Brit did last weekend is keeping the birds away. So far we’re getting black ones. Last year we had red ones. And I’ve been offered an everbearing raspberry plant, which we think would be a great addition.

It might even get the Brit’s mind off strawberries!

There were even more, but I’ve been eating them!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Harvest: Black Raspberries

  1. Cool! Our red currant bushes are producing well. The black one, not so much because I didn’t prune it right (lesson learned). I think if you get the red raspberry you have to keep it far from the black one, but that’s a good problem to have!

  2. The old house has raspberries coming on nicely. Sale closes mid July, so I will pick every single one I can before then. New house will have about seven raspberries, but then the canes were only planted this year. They are not even supposed to produce anything until next year. We bought red and purple.

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