Orange Success

We’ve finally succeeded in growing carrots!

The Brit bought a short, stubby variety called Zanahoria, advertised as short ‘n sweet, figuring that our soil was getting loamier but that long carrots are harder to grow. Short these were, but we found them more nutty than sweet. Of course, there’s also packed in a little too tightly, in my humble opinion. For whatever reason, the Brit opted for rows across the bed (that he didn’t thin out) rather than our usual square-foot gardening technique.

Nonetheless, some of today’s harvest:

More carrots are still in the ground. Maybe he’ll slowly thin them out ’til they are all gone and he fills the space with parsnips. In the meantime, we are looking for ways to use the carrot greens. Any suggestions? Tonight some were mixed into a black rice and white bean salad,


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