Big Fat Garlic

Independence Day seems to have become Garlic Harvest Day, at least to the Brit.

It only seemed a few weeks ago that we were cutting garlic scapes, but the garlic stalks were definitely dying back. So out came the pitchfork and into the special garlic bed it went.

We hadn’t packed it with 70 or so cloves like last year, and some of what we planted never made it. That was somewhat disappointing because we had planted cloves from two fat bulbs that we’d bought from a ramshackle garlic stand just north of Cooperstown last summer. (We’d also planted some from last year’s harvest, including some cloves that were so dried out that I didn’t expect anything). Did the mild winter play a role? Everything certainly sprouted early. The dry spring? Who knows.

In the end, we harvested 11 bulbs, including at least four that are fatter than anything we’ve ever had.That makes us happy! Some, if not all, will be saved to plant after Halloween so we can develop our own strain of fat New Jersey garlic.

And the Brit is talking of moving the be, now sandwiched between raspberry canes, to next to his caged-in bed for greens — a spot that should be sunnier come spring and summer and that hopefully will make the garlic even happier. (And in case you were wondering, garlic apparently qualifies as both a herb and a vegetable.)


5 thoughts on “Big Fat Garlic

  1. We had young garlic this year — had to tear it out to make room for the garden reno. Think I can do it again next year.

    And while we’re talking, do you know anything about growing fennel? Our two plants are sprouting wildly, but I am not sure how to persuade them to bulb.

    1. We only grew fennel once and had small bulbs just above the ground. So we’re not much use, I think.

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