What to do with 5 zucchini???

5 zucchiniThe glut has arrived.

I’ve harvested five oversized zucchini from the garden in the last few day (and I think there was a sixth that we grilled). Now I need to decide what to do with them.

Zucchini bread? Chocolate zucchini bread? Even better, chocolate zucchini cake?

Work them into a lasagna I need to make for Friday night?

I’m taking suggestions.

My sister-in-law just told me about a spiralizer/Veggetti that turns (normal-sized zucchini) into spaghetti with a few twists of the wrist. Could I use a mandolin to slice mine finely, then cut them into fatter-than-spaghetti strips and make a version of Pad Thai?


One thought on “What to do with 5 zucchini???

  1. A short list….
    1. cut into rounds, sprinkle with cumin and paprika and salt and pan fry (not so healthy, I guess)
    2. stuff with Italian style tomato sauce mixed with the scooped out zuccini – breadcrumbs on top with salt and into the oven
    3. chop up and add to ratatouille with aubergine etc
    4. Add to soups of almost any kind
    5. Grate, squeeze out liquid and use as basis for fritters…serve with salad (which they can also be added to)

    Five won’t go very far…..

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