Leeks, and a resolution for next year

IMG_1395(How did this not get published when I wrote it in November??))

The leeks we bought in Maine in June have been amazing!

No work, most did really well (and I will take the blame for those that didn’t, because they ended up having to fight with tomatoes). I don’t know that we have ever had some this thick and with this much white.

Next year I will call the place in late May/early June (unless we find ourselves headed to Maine) and mail-order a flat of 72 or whatever it takes. At 16 cents a plug, and a healthy one, not like a hair strand, is there a better deal? I’m sure we can find room in the beds. Even at the expense of tomatoes– famous last words! (Kale could shrink first?) And if you want to be part of my order, speak up.

Here are some other late harvests: a mixing bowl of hot peppers (guess I better freeze some) and lemongrass headed for a pot to overwinter (will see how freezing some stalks works out).


2 thoughts on “Leeks, and a resolution for next year

  1. Leeks are divine…
    Please update us as to how the lemongrass fared. The thing that makes me despair most is the absence of “exotic” ingredients. Everything is DIY.

    1. They’ve survived before! I hope you can find a plant from someone .. I think it would grow great in your part of the world. Dig it up in late fall, use a lot (or freeze for later) and put the rest in a pot and bring indoors for winter. (The smell of lemongrass in our butternut squash soup made in an Instant Pot … probably the same with any pressure cooker … is amazing.)

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