The garden before the black-eyed susans take over

The black-eyed susans are starting their annual invasion. This year the phlox are showing signs of spreading too, despite some mildew and munching by the deer. And those coneflowers!

Bees are happy, butterflies are happy, hummingbirds are happy. I’m happy!

Some shots on what is supposed to be a scorcher of a day:

butterfly on coneflower 2

phlox front

phlox and day lily

phlox and black-eyed susans

phlox, coneflower, butterfly

The lovely crocosmia are now in three or four spots, and they need to be divided again this fall (well, some of those baby bulbs dug out with fingers?).

crocosmia july 19 2015 002

crocosmia july 19 2015 006


side bed with red, red, white

Dividing the amsonia (below)  could add the feathery leaf structure to another spot. More phlox (white!)  needed in the center of the long front bed. Daisies from the side bed could work too.

divide the amsonia in the fall

And I WILL break up the black-eyed susans into sections, promise!



Going purple

The garden is starting its purple phase.

This is how part of one flower bed looks:

siberian irises and birdbath

We also have some pale blue-purple amsonia in the front that is starting to bloom. I really like the feathery foliage. It makes a nice contrast to the sturdier leaves of other plants nearby.

amsonia may 2013

These alliums (bulgaricum) are delicate, too. Wonder how many globes we’ll get this time.


Not everything is purple, of course. The hostas are busting out. We’ve got all kinds, and last fall I added some yellow/blue ones from a neighbor. I’m still amazed that the deer haven’t found them and demolished them. The plants in this first one definitely could use some dividing and sharing, and the second one isn’t far behind.

lots of hostas