A month of blooms

I’ve been blogging so much about my bike training that I’ve been neglecting the garden write-up.

Regular rain, flowers, tomatoes and more growing well. Bees and butterflies happy and plentiful. Cool til recently, so red-hot pokers seemed to bloom an extra week. Regular rain also helps the weeds grow. Oh well.

The dill worked its magic, attracting a caterpillar that should become a Monarch butterfly. Look at it munch!


Like this pairing of rose campion and penstemon huskers red:

Rose campion and Penstemon Huskers Red

The always-irresistable red-hot pokers:

red-hot pokers and more

A volunteer? Or from a neighbor? Don’t know the name:

yellow flowers

White campion:

white campion

Coreopsis in bloom, think I should extend the bee balm in the back to the corner of the bed, like a ribbon running through:


Separate the rose campion and red bee balm in the flower bed along the driveway? Do they clash?

rose campion and bee balm

Give these day lillies a bit more prominence along the drive?

day lillies